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Where Can I Buy A Bubble Umbrella

Let your style shine through even on rainy days with the totes signature clear bubble umbrella. Our signature clear umbrella features a top-of-the-line clear acrylic handle for your most comfortable, durable grip. The oversized 51-inch bubble canopy provides totally see-through coverage that protects your hair and makeup from the elements. Easily navigate busy city streets with cleardome-shaped umbrella that won't obstruct your vision or bump into people passing.

where can i buy a bubble umbrella

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This RainTamer dome shape clear plastic bubble umbrella provides clear vision in the worst weather. With the see-through canopy, you see your path clearly while protecting more of your upper body than normal umbrellas. Its reinforced lightweight fiberglass ribs and steel shaft ensures strength and durability. Attractive contrasting colored trim, ferrule, ribs and crook handle make this bubble umbrella very fashionable. The tips point straight down toward the ground preventing poking others around you.

This classic, clear, dome shape umbrella has been a customer favorite for years! With it's ageless style, this umbrella is the perfect accessory to your childrens, theater, dance, cheer, birthday party or for resale in your retail shop! One of our customers favorites, you can purchase by the single piece or save money and buy a case of 3 Umbrellas of $5.95 each. Another great option with this clear style is to stencil them with letters or use sharpie magic markers to decorate. An excellent craft activity for boys and girls of all ages.

With the Vogue Bubble Umbrella, you'll be walking in style with minimal visual obstructions, thanks to this wildly popular clear bubble design. Features a 48" arc with metal shaft and curved acrylic handle. Great for gift with purchase promotions, fashion programs, and more!

This mod, clear bubble umbrella allows you to see where you are going even in the most blustery of storms. Featuring a domed shape, it is one of the strongest and clearest of its design on the market; you may fly away before this umbrella flips! Read more..

Searching for a brolly that maintains maximum rain protection and doesn't block your view as you walk? Our dome umbrellas and bubble umbrellas are perfect for men, women, and kids who are in need of a quality brolly for all occasions.

Our dome umbrellas are perfect for any casual or formal event, so choose your favourite style today for free UK delivery on all orders over 30 for a limited time. Browse our range or check out our sport umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and collection of designer umbrellas.

polyesterWALKING IN STYLE: Be an eye-catcher with this elegant transparent bubble umbrella to enjoy your raining days.Keeping you nicely shielded from the rain.TRANSPARENT:Made of transparent water-proof EVA plastic, it allows you to see in all directions around you and matches any of your outfit. Matching with colored polyester edge better reveals your nobility. Put on your favorite clothes and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way when travelling.J-HANDLE:Sturdy plastic J-handle provides you with a really good grip, comfortable and lightweight to hold, convenient to hang up when folded.SIZE: Measures 35.4 inches (90 cm) long and 32.5 inches (83cm) in diameter when open.DOME-SHAPE: The dome shape is very useful to protect you from the heavy rain.

Umbrella BrandThis is a nice light duty umbrella. I have never had a clear umbrella like this before and it is pretty cool. You can see the rain coming down which is pretty in itself and when necessary you can keep the umbrella close to keep dry and look through the umbrella itself. The umbrella size is not large nor is it small but comfortably in the middle. I would classify this as a light duty umbrella.

All Huifeng umbrellas are quality assurance. Our high quality construction ensures the durable and sturdy quality of the Huifeng Umbrella. Every single Huifeng Umbrella is strictly tested before ships from factory. We guarantee that it is a great performance umbrella.

This unique umbrella combines chic style with practicality. The surrounding Bubble-shape provides maximum protection from the elements and the clear material allows easy visibility. Makes a great gift for the...

This unique umbrella combines chic style with practicality. The petite size makes it perfect for women and kids. The surrounding Bubble-shape provides maximum protection from the elements and the clear...

Designed to look like a bubble, we at offer wholesale bubble umbrellas in USA. Light in weight, beautiful in textures and different in designs, not only they are trendy but they allow users to see through and have the advantage of keeping both head and shoulders perfectly dry as you can enjoy the rainy weather with dry coats. You can enjoy the nature at its best with discounted prices. Along with bubble umbrellas, we also have Wholesale cute umbrellas and kids umbrellas available in our collection. 041b061a72


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