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Scorched By Eva Priest

The 18th-century BC law code promulgated by Babylonian King Hammurabi specifies several crimes in which death by burning was thought appropriate. Looters of houses on fire could be cast into the flames, and priestesses who abandoned cloisters and began frequenting inns and taverns could also be punished by being burnt alive. Furthermore, a man who began committing incest with his mother after the death of his father could be ordered to be burned alive.[6]

Scorched by Eva Priest

In Hebraic law, death by burning was prescribed for ten forms of sexual crimes: the imputed crime of Tamar, namely that a married daughter of a priest commits adultery, and nine versions of relationships considered as incestuous, such as having sex with one's own daughter, or granddaughter, but also having sex with one's mother-in-law or with one's wife's daughter.[13]

A Jewish man, Johannes Pfefferkorn, met a particularly gruesome death in 1514 in Halle. He had been charged with having impersonated a priest for twenty years, performing host desecration, stealing Christian children to be tortured and killed by other Jews, poisoning 13 people and poisoning wells. He was lashed to a pillar in such a way that he could run about it. Then, a ring of glowing coal was made around him, and gradually pushed ever closer to him, until he was roasted to death.[36]

Just prior to my first arrival in Persia, the "Hissam-u-Sultaneh", another uncle of the king, had burned a priest to death for a horrible crime and murder; the priest was chained to a stake, and the matting from the mosques piled on him to a great height, the pile of mats was lighted and burnt freely, but when the mats were consumed the priest was found groaning, but still alive. The executioner went to Hissam-u-Sultaneh who ordered him to obtain more mats, pour naphtha on them, and apply a light, which 'after some hours' he did.

Guess everyone wants to know how the actual possession went down, demented and matching anything on the big screen would be my answer. Possessed Vanessa is reading everyone's mind like a wild psychic on steroids, and she's digging out their darkest thoughts and most hidden secrets. Actually that pretty much explains the season's tagline. To top this off we have change in facial expression, simply malignance, and some physical manifestations that will have the light hearted going vaporous on us and reaching for the smelling salts. I was quite intrigued by Satan's cameo to be honest, clearly Vanessa isn't harbouring the dark lord - guess it's that Amunet thing the Egyptologist eluded to earlier in the season, and Satan's wanting Vanessa to rule at his side over a scorched and sundered Earth. So the whole "mother of evil" thing keeps vibrating through the season, not seeing a conclusion to this plot arc to be honest, the exorcism for mine simply pushed the entity into retreat and didn't expel it from Vanessa's body/mind. Eva Green nails it all to the barn door, no doubt forcing fundamentalists to reach for their bibles with trembling hands.

In 1359 IC the Grand Duke of Stirland was elected Emperor, and levied a tax on the Cult of Ulric. This incensed Grand Duchess Otilia of Talabecland, and she conspired with Ar-Ulric to take revenge. The following year she declared herself Empress without election and outlawed the Cult of Sigmar, declaring that Sigmar was merely a mortal whose rule had been blessed by Ulric. Graf Heinrich of Middenheim condemned Otilia, but in a sermon given at Middenheim's High Temple, Ar-Ulric praised her tough stance. The two men argued, leading to a split between Middenheim's secular and religious leadership. Ar-Ulric, his senior priests, and a vast company of Knights of the White Wolf abandoned Middenheim for Talabheim. The Empire was divided. Whilst Graf Heinrich remained loyal to the electoral system, many of his subjects urged him to follow Otilia's example. Protracted civil war ensued, in which Middenheim often proved a moderating influence. The city remained Ulrican, but also loyal to the electoral system. It therefore found friends in both the breakaway 'Otilian' faction and the rest of the Empire. With the Knights of the White Wolf concentrated in Talabheim, the Graf sought an alternative. Following the crusades against Araby the noble Todbringer family helped open up a chapterhouse of the Order of the Knights Panther in the city. Soon Middenheim's Knights Panther came to rival the Knights of the White Wolf in size and power.[3b]

As might be expected, the most influential priest in Middenheim is the High Priest of Ulric, who goes by the traditional title Ar-Ulric ("Son of Ulric" in the ancient Teutogen dialect). With the combination of his spiritual authority as high priest and his military power as supreme commander of the Knights of the White Wolf, he is second only to the Graf in importance, and there are many devout followers who would rate him at least as the Graf's equal.[2b]

Four great causeways approach Middenheim, each leading to a fortified city gate. All are enchanted so that they can be collapsed to prevent attackers from reaching the gates. All four causeways are intact, although the eastern causeway is heavily damaged and has been closed until repairs can be made. On the second day of the siege. Archaon's forces attacked along the eastern causeway, and the magic was triggered to collapse it. However, the sorcerers accompanying the Lord of the End Times responded quickly with spells of their own: Unearthly vines of metal. barbed with stone thorns, erupted from the ground. binding the shattered causeway together. These unnatural bonds still support the causeway, and the city's priests are working together with Dwarfen architects and masons to remove them and repair the causeway.[2c]

The strain on the Temple of Shallya scarcely lessened with the lifting of the siege. The priestesses, assisted by devout followers and volunteers from all over the city, have turned their attention from treating the wounded to bringing relief to the thousands of refugees who crowd the city, as well as those Middenheimers who lost their homes in the attack. The infirmary is still packed to overflowing, and every available space has been turned over to treating the sick or housing the homeless.[2f] 041b061a72


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