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Drive Buy Car Sales

At Drive Inc., located in Leachville, AR, we love what we do and want you to love your next vehicle. That is why we're dedicated to giving our customers the time and attention they need when car shopping. From our expansive inventory of quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs, to our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, your experience is sure to be the best! Our inventory is listed as wholesale price and pricing is subject to change on approval. Financing is available wac through Credit Acceptance and United Auto Credit. Thank you for Helping us Help you Drive

drive buy car sales

Vehicle price is not controlled by any government agency. Take time to choose a vehicle that meets your needs and budget. Before you buy a vehicle, compare prices by checking newspaper ads and visit a number of dealers and/or private sellers. Then take it for a test drive. If you are knowledgeable, examine the engine, transmission, drive axles, steering and suspension, brakes and electrical system. If you do not know what to look for, it may be wise to pay a professional automotive technician to examine the vehicle.

If you decide the vehicle is in good condition and worth the price, be sure the seller has the proper ownership and transfer documents. Ask the seller, and examine the title certificate, for information about unsatisfied liens (bank loans, etc.). Carefully examine all documents before you pay for the vehicle. In a private sale, have the seller make out a bill of sale in addition to the ownership and sales tax documents.

Turn in the plates to a motor vehicle office unless you are transferring them to a replacement vehicle. Always turn in your plates before you cancel liability insurance or before the insurance lapses. If you do not, your registration will be suspended, and your driver license could be suspended as well.

When transferring the vehicle's title certificate to a new owner, you must fill out the appropriate odometer and damage disclosure statements, and sign your name at "Seller's Signature." Then enter the seller's information on the sales tax form Statement of Transaction - Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile (pdf) (at NY State Department of Tax and Finance) (DTF-802), available at any motor vehicle office and the DMV internet site.

No. Our Sales Consultants receive the same compensation for every vehicle sold, regardless of make and model, because our goal at Enterprise Car Sales is to make sure you find the right car for you."}},"@type":"Question","name":"What Should I Do After I Buy A Car from Enterprise Car Sales?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"A Sales Consultant will review the vehicle with you and make sure you\u2019re familiar with the car\u2019s specific features and technology."]}SEE ALL FAQSRelated TopicsStart Your Purchase OnlineShop inventory, schedule a test drive, apply for financing and start your car purchase online.View All InventoryBrowse our inventory online for certified used cars, trucks, vans, SUVS for sale.

Technological innovations in automobiles have advanced rapidly in recent years, improving safety, performance and reliability. Electric drivetrains are becoming mainstream, and the advent of autonomous vehicles is only a few years away.

However, car-buying behavior is changing in ways that will force radical and disruptive change in auto sales. Digital natives are becoming mainstream car buyers with completely new expectations, and older generations are picking up new habits. Conditioned by Amazon and other online experiences, car buyers increasingly follow omnichannel customer episodes: They research, select and buy cars in different ways than their non-digital predecessors, and increasingly they expect the same capabilities and service quality when shopping for cars as they experience in other aspects of their digital lives.

Developing new omnichannel sales approaches will be essential to remaining competitive: Automakers that adapt well will not only serve their customers better, but may also reduce their sales and marketing costs. While the full potential will vary, Bain estimates that up to a fifth of these costs can be cut with an integrated, seamless model. Similar cost reduction potential is hard to find elsewhere along the automotive value chain.

4. More than 60% of customers decide on brand, model and price before visiting a dealership. Increasingly, customers know exactly what brand and model they want, and how much they want to pay, before visiting a dealership (see Figure 4). Customers spend a significant amount of time researching their purchase online, but most still visit dealers for a test drive, final configuration and the purchase.

As in any industry, the transition from a traditional to an omnichannel sales model will require major changes. The leaders that embrace change, find ways to innovate and invest in omnichannel relationships with buyers will build a lasting competitive advantage.

Nearly all automakers and dealer groups have made some initial steps in the omnichannel direction in recent years. In the premium segment, Mercedes-Benz received significant praise for the launch of its Mercedes Me ecosystem, which combines physical stores and an app that offers car-related services, such as remotely locking and unlocking the car, and an entire portfolio of complementary services related to fitness and well-being. In the mass consumer segment, Hyundai is pioneering its Click to Buy platform, which allows customers to lease or buy a car online, as well as promoting its cooperation with Rockar, a dealer known for an original sales approach that combines online presence with innovative retail locations in premium shopping malls.

These are valuable efforts, but they are still limited to a relatively small scale. With more direct customer interaction and more sales online, automakers and dealers will be forced to rethink and upgrade their entire sales operating model, focusing on five dimensions in particular.

In order to achieve the next-generation sales model, automakers will need to build new capabilities. They will need to attract new talent to create exciting digital experiences and customer episodes, as well as upgrade their IT capabilities to provide the apps and tools required to operate in an omnichannel world. Building these digital capabilities will not only help serve customers better, but could also help automakers cut their sales and marketing costs significantly.

If you are purchasing the car from a private owner, they may allow your friend or family member to drive the car back for you. If there are concerns about the insurance, they may even be willing to drive it personally instead.

Our goal was to reinvent the way people buy cars in this state. Starting with our friendly and knowledgeable non-commission sales staff, we wanted to make sure that our customers received both the best service around town, as well as the best selection and quality of automobiles.

"I just remember being like ... embarrassed, confused," Courtney says. Without a car, she had to ask friends to drive her and the baby to doctor visits. "I was, like, counting out change, trying to give friends money for gas to get places."

To get a sense of how often yo-yo sales happen, NPR sent a survey to consumer attorneys who work on auto cases. Forty of them responded. Together, those few dozen lawyers said they've gotten calls from nearly 900 car buyers in just the past year who say they felt victimized by a yo-yo car sale.

And to get you to buy the car, the sales person might agree to a monthly payment that's too low. Or for whatever reason, they can't find an auto lender willing to essentially buy your car loan, at least at a price the dealer is willing to take.

In those instances, he says, the salesperson knows the deal is too good to be true, but lets you think you've bought the car anyway. So you take it home, show it to your friends and family. Then a few days or weeks later you get the phone call yanking you back like a yo-yo.

NPR obtained and analyzed data made up of complaints to the Maryland attorney general's office. In the three years prior to the new law, there were 122 complaints related to yo-yo car sales, or "spot-delivery" sales as the industry calls them. But now, in the three years ending in 2022, complaints have fallen by more than half.

But Paul Metrey with the National Automobile Dealers Association says the FTC doesn't need to change the rules at the federal level. He says the vast majority of car sales go through with no incident. "You have tens of millions of transactions where this happens all the time," Metrey says, even when the sales contract gives the dealer the right to cancel it later.

So he says there's nothing wrong with contracts that give dealers the right to cancel after the fact. He says he doesn't have data on problems with yo-yo sales but that it seems to him that it's rare that the original terms don't work and a car buyer needs to be called back.

The dealer association says car buyers like the current system and changing the rules would create unnecessary delays. Dealers call these contracts spot deliveries because they allow buyers to take the keys and drive off right away, on the spot, even if the dealer hasn't finalized the financing.

Kaitlyn Arland is an Army service member stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. When she bought a car two years ago, she says the salesman didn't say anything about the sale not being final as she drove away. But then she received a call from the dealership. Arin Yoon for NPR hide caption

She says the salesman didn't say anything about the sale not being final as she drove away. But then, eight days later, came the yo-yo phone call. She says the dealer told her the financing didn't work out, she had to come back, sign a different contract, and make a $2,000 down payment.

The police returned the car to the dealership. AutoNation said in a statement to NPR that the sale had a "stipulation" that Flynt would provide a copy of his Social Security card the next day and that he did not. Flynt and his attorney both say that's not true, that there was no stipulation about a Social Security card and that it's not mentioned in the sales contract Flynt signed. 041b061a72


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