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Ep 914 - Google Drive [Extra Quality]

I'm attempting to get revision histories for google drive (actually, docs) files using the Google Drive .NET SDK. I can get the metadata for a list of revisions for a given file just fine, but it appears that for any given Revision, the DownLoadUrl field is always null, and the ExportLinks all point back to the most recent complete version of the doc (i.e., not to the revision indicated by the metadata).

Ep 914 - Google Drive

Joseph "Rocky" Rockford: Rockford's father, Joseph "Rocky" Rockford, is an ex-Seabee, semi-retired, semi-truck driver who nags his son to find stable (and less dangerous) employment, often urging him to follow in his footsteps as a truck driver (especially in early seasons), and often wishing Jim would get married. The relationship of father and son was an integral part of the show. Rocky appears in 101 episodes, and usually becomes involved (like it or not) in his son's cases. Occasionally, he hires Jim himself. Jim Rockford's mother is never shown or named, and is very seldom referred to. Although never directly stated, the way Jim and Rocky talk about her would seem to indicate she had died (before the series' start).[citation needed]

Starting with the 1974 model year, Rockford would get a new model-year Pontiac Firebird each year throughout the series. The Firebirds used had an identical "copper mist" color with the Esprit's exterior and interior. Although the Firebirds were badged as Esprits, they were actually the higher performance "Formula" model without the twin scoop hood. Garner needed Rockford's car to look like the lower tiered "Esprit" model, a car Rockford could afford, but have the performance necessary for the chase sequences in the show. To achieve this, the show featured Pontiac Firebird Formulas re-badged and re-hooded to look like the "Esprit" model. The "Formula" model was developed to provide the performance of the top-level "Trans Am" in a less ostentatious form. Formulas didn't have the Shaker hood scoop, side vents, graphics or lettering used on the Trans Am, but they had the same higher horsepower engines and drive trains, larger front and rear anti-roll bars, stiffer springs and shocks, and a twin scoop hood. (Sharp-eyed car connoisseurs can spot the twin exhausts and rear anti-roll bar on the cars used on the show, options that were not part of the "Esprit" package, as well as spot the different model year cars used in various chase scenes that differed from those in an actual episode, especially in later seasons.) Although the series ran until early 1980, no Firebird was used past the 1978 model year as Garner reportedly was displeased with the restyled front end of the 1979 and later Firebird models and as such did not wish them featured on the show (although an answering machine message in one episode in the final season indicated his car was a 1979 Firebird).

In the first TV movie, I Still Love L.A. in 1994, the Firebird is shown, in ramshackle disrepair, parked next to Rockford's trailer. He mentions he plans to have it "fixed up," but drives other cars throughout the films.

Rocky's truck had a 400-cubic-inch engine, Turbo 400 automatic transmission, and a four-wheel drive factory setup.[9] The custom exterior paint was silver with maroon panels and orange pinstriping. Additionally, the truck sported various after-market accessories added by noted California customizer and off-road racer, Vic Hickey, including the winch, brush guard, hubcap covers, sidestep bed plates, auxiliary gas tanks, custom steering wheel, rear roll bar, Cibié headlamps mounted on the front bumper/rear roll bar, and Pace CB radio. In several Season 5-6 episodes, Rocky drives a candy-apple red 1980 GMC C-10 Short Box pickup when his original vehicle is said to be in the shop for repair of damage from one of Jim's earlier adventures.

AirPrint is a technology built into most popular printer models, including the printers and print servers listed here. To use AirPrint, you don't need to install an app, additional drivers, or other software.

USB-only devices Similar to AirPrint printers, these USB devices allow you to print or scan without having to install additional drivers. Because they require a USB connection, they support driverless printing or scanning only from Mac computers.

The Volkswagen Transporter reminds me of my old YMCA bus when I was a kid, and it brings back memories of hard gum under the seat, Capri Sun juice pouches, and a driver with physical similarities to Tracey Chapman rowing through the gears.

The range in pH values throughout the year is not simply down to dilution, if this were the case the wetter season should record values closer to pH 7 but instead they record greater alkaline values. Greater or lesser discharge and the relative amount of H2O in the system cannot change pH from acidic (7) but only drive it towards neutrality (pH 7). The change in pH suggests it is not merely a dilution or concentration of chemicals during greater or lower flow. Instead, the data show increased levels of bicarbonate ions during the rainy season (immediate response of increased weathering in the limestone catchment). Whilst, in contrast, dilution of sulfate ions in the wet season coupled with the relatively slower but constant release of sulfate through aqueous weathering of pyrite throughout the year (Williamson, M. A. and Rimstidt, J. D., 1994; Hercod et al 1998) creates relatively higher levels of sulfate in the dry season (fig 2). Rates of silicate weathering are at least ten times slower than sulfide weathering (Torres et al, 2017) and do not dominate the anion trends.

Psychotherapy. Other than supportive therapy and psychoeducation,other forms of psychotherapy during mania are not indicated. Psychotherapytrials in bipolar disorder do not inform anti-manic efficacy because few haveenrolled acutely manic patients and most report long-term benefits ratherthan short-term efficacy for the index manic episode (30) Educate patientsabout the importance of maintaining regular social rhythms and takingmedication as prescribed. Manic patients might not be aware that they areacting differently during manic episodes, therefore efforts to improve thepatient's insight are unlikely to succeed. More time should be spentemphasizing the importance of adherence to treatment and taking anti-manicmedications as prescribed. This discussion can be enhanced by focusing on themedication's potential to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of mania,including irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and racing thoughts. At the firstvisit, discuss setting boundaries with the patient to reduce mania-driven,intrusive phone calls. A patient might develop insight after mania hasresolved and he (she) can appreciate social or economic harm that occurredwhile manic. This discussion might foster adherence to maintenance treatment.Advise your patient to limit activities that may increase stimulation andperpetuate the mania, such as exercise, parties, concerts, or crowdedshopping malls. Also, recommend that your patient stop working temporarily,to reduce stress and prevent any manic-driven interactions that could resultin job loss. 041b061a72


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