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Anisim Sysoev

Download The Ghost Train PC Game 2020

We partnered with JamCity to train an agent for their bubble shooter Snoopy Pop. One of the challenges with training an agent to play Snoopy Pop is the large volume of gameplay data to learn effective behaviors and strategies. Additionally, most games in development are constantly evolving, so training times need to be reasonably fast. We introduced various features in ML-Agents like Asynchronous Environments, Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning (GAIL), and Soft Actor-Critic to solve these problems.

Download The Ghost Train PC Game 2020

Two different artificial neural networks battle each other in a simple game of soccer using deep reinforcement learning to train neural networks. The soccer game is included in the ML-Agents framework, available on GitHub.

Inspired by the stealth game genre, this project was designed to train an agent to successfully run and hide from a traditional AI that patrols from room to room. A second variation was created to train against a faster AI using curriculum learning.

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The game itself is fairly interesting and counts with multiple cases written by the same scriptwriters of the show, adapted to fit the mystery games formula. Click here to download it on your smartphone.

The game is fun and lends itself to people who want to take it slowly, being able to play it little by little, which makes it more enjoyable in an unique way. If this caught your eye, click here to download it. 041b061a72


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