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Anisim Sysoev
Anisim Sysoev

Teen Slut Party

"Oh, no, it's cool." Melissa laughed before walking off. Ronald watched her short little skirt sway above her long legs, encased in lace stockings. He felt his cock stir in his pants as he thought about Melissa's reputation. She was pretty well-known as the school's biggest slut. She was the type of hot that made guys go to the restroom to jerk off during passing periods. Her slim waist, long legs and cute ass made every guy that passed her in the halls double take and stare. He tits, a C-cup by Ronald's estimates, were always held high by sexy push-up bras (not that they were necessary) and skintight shirts. But the feature that made even her teachers weak at the knees, encased by her perfect face, which was an ethnic blend of Irish and Polish, were those ruby red dick sucking lips. Ronald had heard tons of stories from the douche bags and jocks about how ridiculously mindblowing her blowjobs were. Chad Wilson and Preston Roosevelt were always boasting about all the head they got from Melissa.

teen slut party


Ronald noticed it was Olivia Long, a British exchange student from Gloucester, England. He had a couple of classes with her and always loved her smooth accent. Her copious tits, long dark hair and slutty demeanor helped a lot with her assimilation into their school's culture. 041b061a72


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