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Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez

Surf Artist Jason Designing The 39" Longboard Surfing Skateboard

The event was held in knee to chest high waves, with glassy conditions in the morning turning to side-shore winds in the afternoon. Competitors were separated into five Active-Duty divisions and nine Open division, including both shortboard and longboard surfing.

Surf Artist Jason | Designing the 39" Longboard Surfing Skateboard

The U.S. Open continues today through Sunday at Huntington Beach Pier, paired with pro junior, longboard and women's events. San Clemente's Colin McPhillips, a three-time ASP world champion, has already advanced into the four-man longboard final set for 1:45 p.m. Sunday. Schedules are subject to change. For updates visit www.usopenofsurfing.comwhere you also check the latest results and can watch live video feeds.

YOW Grom Snappers 32.5" is an amazing alternative to surfing for days without waves. The board is set with Yow surfskate system witch will make you feel as if you was surfing, but on a skateboard. Pumping, U-turns,... Yow is use by many surf schools and pro surfers as a training method. The Snapper is the perfect size for anyone that looks for something responsive but without loosing control. Set with Yow V4 S4(Soft) system. Great for kids and lightweight riders

Recognizable skateboards were first manufactured in the late 1950s. These were still made of wood and a few were decorated with decals and artwork. Skateboards became especially popular among surfing enthusiasts, primarily in California. Surfers practiced on skateboards when the ocean was to rough, and they soon became known as "sidewalk surfers." One of the first competitions was held for skateboarders in 1965. While skateboards were popular through most of the 1960s, riders were not respected and the activity was banned in some cities. The first wave of skateboard popularity was over by 1967. 041b061a72


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