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Sebastian Rodriguez

MXT8208 Micov 64GB USB Flash Drive: Benefits, Risks, and Solutions

this is posted on behalf of someone who bought a drive from another on ebay with a serial number identical to mine. if you dont have access to a service manual or dont feel like ordering a manual online, do me a favor and download wb_tqcr_010_dx.rar from this website and install the files. (its a copy protected program but it lets you get past the password. i guess its a copier of this program.) if you have access to the service manual that will come with this file, click on the proceed button and print a copy of page 3. this is supposed to be the programming sequence for my chip. i basically followed it exactly. also, do not tinker with the upload to your pc - it wont tell you how its been changed, so youll probably mess something up. in fact, if you dont know what youre doing, dont bother. by the way, my drive looks exactly like yours on page 2 of the wiring diagram. also, ive posted this on another site but im not sure who the other site is, so im posting it here too (i dont have the posting credits so you get the benefit of the doubt). i read somewhere that you might be able to fix your drive by turning off all the parts and turning them on one at a time, even if they say that theyre in access mode, and thats pretty much what i did - i turned on the flash chip one at a time and that gave it a good charge, and the mxt8208 was (surprisingly enough) locked out. if you have your controller in your drive, you might want to turn it on and see if the program is re-installed from scratch. if you still cant get it to work, im out of ideas and am turning to the experts now. please re-read the list of what you have to do, the order you have to do them in, and the interval at which you have to do them. by the way, when the drive was given to me, i noticed that it didnt have the chip in it, even though the box had the chip in it. i feel pretty sure that the chip came off after the drive was shipped from china and it was soldered on. i couldnt find anything wrong with the drive and i suspected it wasnt being packaged correctly but i didnt know what that would look like. if youve got a picture of what a properly packaged unit should look like, i could send it to you. best of luck, and thank you for the wonderful price on this drive. if you do get it to work, let us know so we can all be surprised.

mxt8208 micov 64gb.rar

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