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The Wisdom Of Making Right Choices - Joyce Meye... ((INSTALL))

As to the issue of Joyce, did you read the whole article? In short the issue is not what she teaches that is right, such as things on fear, trusting in God, overcoming things, but rather on her gospel message for salvation. I am reminded of what Jesus taught in Matthew 7:13-27 on being careful of false teachers and their influences. Jesus said many would say Lord Lord, thus claiming to be of the faith but in reality are not of Him or known by Him. I would encourage you to re-read our article, look at the Scriptures, and think on them. My purpose is not to attack her but to inform people concerning her false gospel. Years ago I used to listen to her, I enjoyed it, but I had to make a decision in regards to being informed of this? I choose to follow the Lord and His Word. I hope this is simple to understand and that you consider these things, and that you dig more into the Scriptures and seeking the Lord for wisdom.

The Wisdom of Making Right Choices - Joyce Meye...

I absolutely love this! I am 33 yrs old and I have a 7 yr old son that I am working with constantly to do things for himself. I was raised with parents that always called me smart and capable, so they put a lot of responsibility on me at a very young age and I too filled out my own paperwork and did homework alone and met with my teachers. They didnt make breakfast or deliver forgotten items either. And i made it through alright. I resented it a bit when I was younger but now I see it made me an even more capable adult. My son will be the same because he needs to learn to survive on his own out there. Thank you for making me feel no guilt for wanting him to be more responsible and independent.

[Meyer] is a very popular author, conference speaker and Bible teacher based in the Saint Louis area. Meyer has a multimillion dollar ministry called Joyce Meyer Ministries and can be found on the net at She also has an extremely popular TV and Radio programme called Enjoying Everyday Life which can be seen and heard on hundreds and hundreds of Radio and TV stations nationally and worldwide. Meyer teaches on some very practical issues making her well received such as forgiveness, dealing with a busy life, , anxiety, addictions and self-discipline. She is especially loved by tens of thousands of women who hold her teachings up as being life changing. Joyce Meyer gained even more prominence when she made it to the cover story of Time Magazine in February of 2005 as one in the list of 25 most influential Evangelicals in America and by the way she is also in the September 18th 2006 issue of Time Magazine and she has also been on the cover of Charisma Magazine. 041b061a72


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