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Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez

Language Translation Contribution In Python; VirusTotal Hash Check Plugin In Java.

This Burp plugin has one focus built script to replay HTTP request with various scripting language. It supports Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Powershell, and JavaScript. It is the swiss knife of the custom HTTP web exploits.This plugin starts where other automated tools reach their limit. It integrates itself well with "python-paddingoracle" tool to create custom padding oracle attack. It can be used to build quickly malicious JavaScript request for XSS payload. It can be used along sqlmap to exploit second order SQL injection.The BH Arsenal demo will focus on the most common usage: Padding Oracle, SQLi and XSS payload.

Language Translation Contribution in Python; VirusTotal Hash Check Plugin in Java.

Nessus is a popular and very capable vulnerability scanner developed for UNIX systems, embedded scripting language to help you write your scripts and understand the existing ones. It has features like remote and local security checks. When launched, it was a free and open-source (closed in 2005). The current scanner costs $2190/year. The Nessus Home version is free but is licensed and limited only for a home network. Nessus comprises more than 70,000 plugins.


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