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according to the data of the appropriate studies, adequate dietary intake of hmb in healthy individuals is 3.25-4.5 g/day [ 5 ]. this dosage of hmb would provide 3.2 g/day of calcium, along with 1.8-2 g/day of protein, based on a 2000 cal diet. calcium and protein intakes higher than those estimated for normal individuals have been shown to have a beneficial effect on protein and body-composition changes (reviewed by [ 145 ]).

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hppl formula is a proprietary blend of five complex carbohydrates, five simple carbohydrates and five natural sweeteners, all carefully blended and combined to enhance and balance specific nutritional profiles. proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats are critical to achieve positive results on muscle and body metabolism. all of the antioxidants used in hppl work synergistically to protect the body against free radical damage, thereby enhancing the effect of the 5-htp.

tyrosine is an amino acid which plays a role in many metabolic processes (e.g. the production of hormones and neurotransmitters) in the brain and elsewhere. however, the body does not make it, and as such must be obtained from dietary sources.

the second is the mononuclear white blood cells. previously, radiation, or even chemotherapy, has inhibited that and so it is essential, to combat cancer, to eliminate those cells. why do we need to be optimised? because cancer feeds on the disease and it must be treated at the root. the immune system is its own biggest 'disease'.

a flavonoid is a type of chemical compound called polyphenol that is abundant in dietary and herbal sources. plant flavonoids are secondary metabolites produced by plants as a means of promoting their own survival. flavonoids are classified as chalcones and flavanones. in general, flavonoids are often named after their aglycone, the core structure that is not modified. in other words, they are effective as a monomeric unit. a phenolic metabolite, the catechol is a polyphenolic antioxidant. catechol, and its functional derivatives, are very important in antioxidant activity for foods ( [149] ).


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