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Anisim Sysoev

Asterix All Comics In Bengali BETTER

Walk past a streetside magazine vendor in Kolkata and somewhere in the midst of the glitz and glam of celebrity magazines and luxury tourist destinations, you are sure to spot a thin collection of comics, conspicuous by their very simplicity (some of them even being in black and white!). In this, they are not very unlike the modest, quiet, unassuming man who created them, and in so doing, revolutionised the sphere of Bengali comics.

Asterix All Comics In Bengali

38. Asterix and the Chieftain's Daughter. (42.43 MB)Other Asterix comics: The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. (15.16 MB) Asterix Versus Caesar. (11.59 MB) The First Asterix Frieze. (3.85 MB) How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion When he was a Little Boy. (5.42 MB) Asterix Conquers America. (11.11 MB) Operation Getafix. (9.86 MB) Puzzle Book - Find Asterix. (14.31 MB)

I cite the Bengali case at some length to show how the vagaries of the market and the lack of a sufficiently proactive community can kill a robust tradition almost overnight. Those entering the comic book field will do well to remember this. It is not enough to create brilliant new material once in a while; one must ensure a regular supply of work in an easily accessible format. Small magazines and collectives can do this till a point, digital comics are another way forward. But until the regional comic book market is re-energized, the Indian graphic novel will find it hard to move beyond the rarefied ghettos of the metropolis.

I started making comics to process the world around me and inside me. Comics can go in multiple directions at once, with text, images, arrows, things inside and outside the panel borders, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, narration, flowcharts, emanata, and page layout. There are multiple methods to communicate emotions, time, actions, reactions, emptiness, jokes, and anything I see or feel or experience, or dream. I appreciate the freedom and expansiveness of comics.


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