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Anisim Sysoev
Anisim Sysoev

Love And Hip Hop The Game Hack Cheats IOS-Android

Break your pixellated character out of prison! This game has won several awards, and for good reason. Incorporating an old-school gaming aesthetic with a bit of crafting and the occasional round of whacking people over the head with makeshift weapons, this game is more complicated than it first appears.

Love and Hip Hop The Game Hack Cheats iOS-Android

Lumosity is an app featuring a variety of games that reportedly train your brain to become more agile in different ways. The free version of the app serves up three games from a collection each day for your brain workout. You can play each game as often as you want during the day. I love most of the games I have played so far, but my favorite by far is Train of Thought.

I need to add the honorable mention of Board Game Arena, which works only online. This free platform with premium options features 100+ favorite board games digitized. You need to be online and at the time of editing, the app is still in Beta mode (and is best on a tablet/laptop). Still, I absolutely loved playing King of Tokyo and Ticket to Ride against strangers on my last train ride.


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