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Jane Eyre 2006 Movie [NEW] Download

This photo is one of the promotion photos from the 2006 Jane Eyre adaptation, which is in some circles of the internet considered the best one yet. It was a mini-series and those are given mroe time than a traditional movie, in which the writers and directors can fit more of the novel's pieces into it. Again however, you are able to see a vast age difference between Rochester and Jane.

Jane Eyre 2006 Movie Download

@heidenkind - I know, right? The length of this post is RIDICULOUS. But I couldn't help myself. :) I can't WAIT to hear your thoughts on this movie!@Debra - Yay for more JE fans! :) Nice to meet you...I think I recognize your photo, maybe from comments on Kaye's website?I am SO glad I'm not the only one who bought the soundtrack prior to seeing the film, solely based on Dario Marianelli's name. ;) I've been listening to JE, Atonement, and P&P pretty much constantly ever since.Apparently I never formally "reviewed" the 2006 JE miniseries, so I hope you'll stop back to share your thoughts on that production when I get those posts up. Happy to know another Stephens/Rochester fan...his portrayal was WONDERFUL. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing my JE enthusiasm!

@Debra - YAY! So glad you got to see this movie! I think you are right - this version works best if one doesn't compare it to the 2006 miniseries - it's got its own merits. :) I'm so happy you enjoyed this version - the emotion and setting and whole "feel" of the film were just wonderful. I need to see this again. ASAP. :)


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