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Christina Lopez

Army Men 3d BEST

Army Men is a series of video games developed by 3DO and Global Star Software. It is based on various conflicts between four kinds of plastic army men, distinguished by their color: the Green, the Tan, the Blue, and the Grey. Two other factions, the Red and the Orange, as well as a much smaller army, the Black, also contribute to the story. Two additional factions, the Galactic Army and the Alien Army, were introduced in Army Men: Toys in Space.

Army Men 3d

Army Men 3D for the original PlayStation was released in 1999, a year after the initial installment of the series came out on PC. It uses the same mission structure to rescue POWs, and contains a full arsenal of weapons plus vehicles for Sarge and his men to take on the Tan army.

Green vs. Tan. It's the eternal world conflict; well, the eternal toy-box conflict, anyway. ARMY MEN 3D puts you in charge of the Green army in an all-new 3D world. You play Sarge, the Green army veteran squad leader who doesn't take crap from anyone. Whether you're blowing your enemy to pieces or melting him into a pile of goo with your flame-thrower, you'll stop at nothing to make sure those Tan soldiers pay.

Hi guys I was trying to come up with a fun project to learn the cryengine and I thought a remake of Army Men 3D would be fun since it's not a supercomplicated game. Just wandering what you guys think ^_^It's still a really really early project but thought I would show it here with this being an army men group :3

oh that bridge is just one I pulled from the cryengine assets for the time, I haven't been working on it much, I ran into a lot of problems with the newer cryengine and I"m trying to decide If I wanna roll back to an older version or maybe transfer over to unreal and kinda try to maybe work with the army men III guys. What do you think 041b061a72


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